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Payroll outsourcing – what risks should you be aware of? 

Payroll outsourcing process has been regard once the way of lowering the cost of doing business, ideally it’s not new as the first outsource deal was struck 40 years ago but termed timesharing. Today business is outsourcing everything including Payroll services to reduce the HR cost. As one of the business expenses, payroll needs good management regardless of being maintained outsourced or internally. Moving all you compensation roles to a third party is indeed difficult- small business can’t afford as its need a huge part of their budgets. 

For those thinking of payroll outsourcing, deciding whether to farm out the process calls carefully inspections of the benefits and risks. 

Payroll management is not just about writing checks and calculating withholdings. The payroll responsibility broadens too; 

  • Filing quarterly payroll reports 
  • Withholding employee taxes  
  • Issuing the W-2 forms at year’s end  
  • Paying the withholding to the IRS 
  • Making a summary filing at the state level 
  • Management of employees’ health and pension plan contribution among others  

The above tasks are time-consuming and indeed headaches of business owners especially when taxes filed late. The business owner can choose to outsource their payroll services to save time and reduce a cost of operations. 

Prior making that decision consider the risk below associated with outsourcing.  

Loss of Control 

Running an in-house payroll department you have full control but handing over the payroll operation to a 3rd party leaves you less control over the financial information and confidential data. The data at times will be less accessible to the company as it’s usually stored on the payroll firm’s server.   

Payroll information includes both private and personal data of all employees hence maintaining confidentiality could come with fewer risks. If the payroll firm is not careful enough to guard this information will be leaving you open to theft or even employee lawsuits.  

Threat to Security and Confidentiality 

The business life blood is the data the data they keep running. Having confidentiality information in the form of payroll, medical transmitted to the payroll outsourcing company the confidentiality could be compromised. You need to assess the outsourcing company making sure you data are well protected and the contract has a penalty clause if an incidence occurs.  

Paying for Services Businesses Don’t Need 

Payroll services Australia offers other extras services and entice business to subscribe to them by offering all-inclusive packages. Secretly this increases the cost of outsourcing payroll where the additional services are not true benefits to your organization. Outline what the business need then seek a provider who will only offer what you need at a standard cost.  

Inconsistencies in the Quality of Work 

The risk of getting inconsistent quality of work might be encountered. Salaries might never be right while the tax deduction to being incorrect.  

Whether to outsource or not The decisions should be approached through careful examination of the potential benefits in relation to the business impact that will come with the decision and you must have set guidelines to on which task these outsource suppliers would need to do and also a spec for these service suppliers to follow check for the best Payroll outsourcing services.